Employees Honored

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Dec. 4, 2017
These long-term employees were honored Friday at our agency’s all-staff training.
Front row, from left: Debbie Humbert, 49 years, teaching assistant, Early Childhood Program (49 years is amazing); Cathy Pearson, 37 years; Sally Kidd, 36 years. Back row from left: Bill Dubord, 41 years; Brenda Wery, 35 years; and Shirley McDonough, 38 years.
Front row, from left: Janet Sindler, 32 years, Louise Legault, 30 years, and Pat Royer, 34 years. Back row from left: Janet Bourdeau, 30 years, Colleen Lavance, 31 years, and Sharon Reisner, 33 years.
From left: Peggy Ramsden, 29 years, Judith Lauria, 26 years, Gayle Stoykovich, 26 years, Steve Viau, 26 years, and Jenny Brault, 28 years.
Front row, from left: Jackie Gerdeen, 20 years, Beverly Miller, 20 years, and Cindy Gold, 21 years. Back row from left: Connie Maule, 21 years, Gail Zierk, 21 years, Pam Haluska, 20 years.
Front row, from left: Patricia Lemire, 23 years, Sandra Hansen, 24 years, Kim Boutilier, 24 years, Debby Wiltzius, 22 years, and Connie Maule, 21 years.  Back row from left: Jill Johnsen, 24 years, Becky Thoune, 23 years, Marlene Arduin, 23 years, and Marv Sebeck, 24 years.
Front row, from left: Katy Wery, 15 years, Dawn Plude, 17 years, Sonia Warner, 19 years, Brenda Henning, 19 years, Shelby Jardeen, 15 years, and Christina Lehouillier, 16 years. Back row from left: Janis Mulzer, 17 years, Christine Kubiak, 16 years, Kathy Hull, 15 years, Renelle Betters, 16 years, Gail Brazeau, 18 years, and Angie Gardener, 16 years.
 Front row, from left: Erin Russell, 18 years, Betty Wickstrom, 19 years, and Richard Schiesser, 17 years. Back row from left: Mary Barnhart, 18 years, Brenda Clark, 15 years, and Amy Williamson, 15 years. Not pictured, Joan Ecclesine, 19 years, Nancy Kutzera, 16 years, and Rose Ann Hartman, 15 years.
Front row, from left: Debra Klotz, 11 years, Lucy Crofton, 10 years, Holly O’Driscoll, 10 years, Pat Blanc, 10 years, and Marilyn Elliot, 12 years. Back row from left: Kristen Bourdeau, 10 years, Matt Daigneault, 13 years, Lacey Awaga, 10 years, Beth Jacobson, 10 years, Jodi Bizeau, 11 years, and William Isetts, 13 years.
Front row, from left: Julie Ott, 10 years, Colleen Winberg, 11 years, Victoria Segerstrom, 11 years, Sharee Roberts, 11 years, Mary Savage, 11 years, and Joann Yokeum, 14 years. Back row from left: Myra Smeester, 11 years, Rene O’Driscoll, 12 years, Sarah Olson, 10 years, Angela Ogren, 11 years, Linda Pepin, 13 years, and Phil Tufnell, 13 years. Not pictured, Naomi Fletcher, 14 years, James Johnson, 11 years, Clarence Lemire, 13 years, and Michelle Miller, 11 years.