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February 2020  

 Julie Moberg, Executive Director   
(906) 786-7080 
  Menominee Delta Schoolcraft Community Action Agency (MDSCAA) has had another successful year.  We continue to maintain a high standard of service as evidenced by our continued success in meeting all of the Department of Health and Human Services-BCAEO 53 organizational standards.  These standards are the primary measurement of an organization’s health and stability.  In addition our agency had its single financial audit in March 2019.  The auditors stated that there were no findings in the year ending September 30, 2018.    

All of our programs continue to work toward empowering the low income people of the Menominee, Delta, and Schoolcraft area.  Our annual report reflects the ongoing work our agency provides      communities.  To highlight a few of our programs, our Senior Volunteer Programs have been busy in the community.  MDSCAA has three senior volunteer programs that work with over 400 senior volunteers. We have seniors who work with elementary school children in the classroom.  We have seniors who visit and spend time as companions to those that are either homebound or in confined living environments like nursing homes and assisted living.  Our third volunteer program places seniors through-out the community in nonprofit agencies.  The volunteers make our communities a better place to live for all people young to old.     

It was a busy year for Weatherization services as well.  The staff continue to provide services across a five county area. This year our Weatherization program partnered with the local Public Health Department to apply for a lead abatement grant for the Upper Peninsula.  This grant would work with Medicaid eligible families with children in making sure the home environment is free from lead. Lead education and testing would come from Public Health.  The lead abatement efforts would come from our Weatherization program.  This grant was awarded to MDSCAA . Implementation will begin in 2019-2020.     

Our homeless services continues to expand.  Last year we received an Emergency Shelter Grant allowing us to provide up to seven days of hotel stays to help people through their emergency situation.  If a person is unable to stay at the Hope at the Inn, MDSCAA is able to put them up for no more than seven days a year.  This allows our workers to make a stable housing plan with the person often     preventing them from being turned back out on the street.  An additional grant was added this year.  Through the Department of Health and Human Services MDSCAA received a grant to fund six apartments for an 18 month period.  This allows us to help a person who is struggling and who might take a little longer for them to stabilize their income.  We have two apartments for each of our three county areas.  The housing worker will work with these individuals over the 18 month period helping to connect them to needed services and work opportunities.  

 As always, the MDSCAA’s Board of Directors is committed to meeting the needs of our community.  Our mission is to empower and assist people to improve and sustain their quality of life through nurturing, education, housing, nutrition, volunteerism, in-home/support services and advocacy.  It is the Community Action Agency’s goal to provide a hand up to people and provide the skills they need to create and maintain an independent and stable life.





Empower, advocate for, and assist people to improve and sustain their quality of life and independence through education, housing, nutrition, volunteerism, and in-home support.