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Senior Companion Luncheon

<<Alzheimer's Awareness Month Project Connect>>

Nov. 1, 2016

Senior Companions were honored at their annual recognition luncheon Friday at the Terrace between Escanaba and Gladstone. Leading the program were Senior Companion Director Connie Maule and Senior Companion Coordinator Linda Paulin. Senior Companion volunteers provide companionship and assistance to frail elderly, mental health clients, assisted living home residents, nursing home residents, foster care residents and adult day center residents. Here are photos of some of the volunteers and their years of service.

Fourth annual Gilbert Sablack Volunteer of the Year award was given to Mary Break, Escanaba. From left, Linda, Connie, Mary, Gil's widow Rosemary, and CAA Executive Director Julie Moberg. Winners are chosen by a committee after being nominated by the sites where they serve. The deceased Mr. Sablack served on the CAA Governing Board and the Senior Companion Advisory Committee.

From left, Linda, Al Maronic and Connie. Twenty years of service

From left, Linda, Donald Sayklly and Connie. Eighteen years of service.

From left, Linda, Gerald Allsworth. Sixteen years of service.

From left, Linda,, Lee Robbert and Connie. Thirteen years of service.

Lorna Culter, left, and Lois Robbert. Twelve years of service.

Mary Lou Break. Ten years of service.

Fay Nygarrd. Nine years of service.

From left, Sharon Johnson, Hames Newhouse and Sally Briggs. Eight years of service
Nancy Gilbert and John Berge. Six years of service.


Sandra Salchert. Five years of service.
From left, Donna Gustafson, Lorie Lacross, Terry Anderson and Billee Jean Krusic. Fours years of service.
Phyllis Eastman, left, and Susan Steinhaussen. Three years of service.
Front from left, Linda Kraniak, Doris Stevenson, Sharon Davis, rear, Anthony Krauss, left, and Frank Stoykovich.
Rose Koszia, Barry Kirkpatrick, center, an Bob Boudreau. One year of service.
New volunteers, front from left, Claudette Therrian, Robin Marchand, Colleen Lerrat and Karen Carlson; rear from left, William Castle Karen Castle and Abigail Larson