System Specifications

507 1st Ave. N.
FEBRUARY 15, 2017

Menominee Delta Schoolcraft Community Action Agency(knownhereafterasMDSCCA)isacceptingproposals for a Hybrid VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony system. All elements of a VoIP system shouldbeaddressedintheproposal;includingdesign,deployment,training,annualmaintenance andsupport,aswellasrequiredmodificationstoexistinginfrastructure.TheintentoftheRFPis to allow for a balanced evaluation of all candidates.
Project Purpose
MDSCCA’s phone equipment is in need of complete replacement. The current phone system does notprovideanadequatefeaturesetorstability,andthephonemodelsusedwithinthesystemare no longer in production. The goal of this RFP is to replace outdated and costly communication technologies in order to better serve our staff, customers and community members, in a fiscally responsible and efficientmanner.
This RFP is intended to provide a standard base from which to evaluate communicationssystemsandtoallowthebidderflexibilityinproposingthemostappropriate and cost-effectivesystem.
Every stage of the VOIP system integration process must be addressed for the proposal to be considered. These include design, deployment, training, maintenance and support, as well as requiredmodificationstoexistinginfrastructure.Pleasenote:existinginfrastructurerequirements should be defined as a separate lineitem.
Alternate solutions are acceptable, provided all other RFP requirements in this RFP have been met.
Only recently released technology and communication systems and related software releases should be proposed. Systems under development or in planning will not be considered.  Features that will be available only in future not be considered.
PricingprovidedtoMDSCCAmustbecompletelyinclusive.Ifpricingexcludesanyfeesorcharges, adetailedlistof anycharges omitted andanexplanationofthefeesmustbeprovided.
Ifthedescribedsysteminstallationoranycomponentofimplementationrequirestheworkof sub-contractors, a detailed description of that work must be provided. The sub-contractor, name, address, phonenumber,andEINmustbeprovided.MDSCCAreservestherighttorefusesub-contractors identifiedwithintheproposal,butwillnotrejectaproposalsolelyonthismerit.
All items and pricing described within a successful response are and should be considered admissible in a final contractual agreement. MDSCCA reserves the right to refuse any bid for any reason.
Asapublicserviceprovider,intimesofapublicincidentorcrisiswhichaffectsorincitesconcern regarding the general health and wellbeing of the community, it is imperative that the proposed Hybrid VoIP system (including any and all infrastructure supporting it) is able to process a large, continuous,andsimultaneouscallvolume.
Addressingreliabilityconcernsbydemonstratingsystemscalability,security,andredundancyis highlyencouraged. MDSCCAhasmultiplelocations but we are only considering the Escanaba location at this time.  In the future, we may decide to tie remote locations into this system. An Explanation as to how this would be accomplished would be helpful but the ability to do so in not required as part of this bid.
System Requirements:
·         We currently have a PRI located at our Escanaba location with DID’s for delivery of dial tone. We will be keeping this PRI and ask that the proposed system be able to accept this circuit.
·         We ask that any proposed solution be capable of accepting SIP trunks but we will not be converting to SIP at this time.
·         The proposed system must be able to accommodate at least 6 Analog Caller ID POTS trunks.
·         We require 54 new phones. They must be 24 button HD Speaker phones with at least 3 Lines of LCD Display.
·         We will require 2 Additional Button Boxes for Receptionists.
·         Out-of-the-Box the proposed system must have the ability for a 15% expansion of extensions without having to purchase anything but the phones.
·         Each extension must be able to set up at least a 6-Party Conference Call from their phone.
·         The system must provide a minimum of 12 Analog Extension Ports.
·         Must include a robust Voice Mail system with a minimum of six ports of voice mail.
·         System must be able to provide at least 12 Auto Attendants.
·         Must have at least a 5-Year warranty on all equipment including the phones. A detailed explanation of Manufacturer support for at least 5 years and any itemization of any additional costs that may be incurred.
·         A full explanation of how future software releases are handled, any future costs to MDSCAA must be listed.
·         If on-going support agreements are required from the manufacturer the costs associated with future support must be disclosed.
·         Voice traffic must be able to exist on our existing Cat3 phone wire. This is absolutely mandatory. We will not be rewiring and the Voice traffic from the proposed system will not be allowed to run over our data network.
·         The new phones must draw their power over the existing Cat3 phone wire from the phone PBX equipment back in the phone closet.
·         We are asking for a Hybrid VoIP phone system integrated into our employee’s desk top PC’s. We ask that the proposed system be able to integrate with Outlook and able to offer a Texting / Chat feature between employees over their computer screens.
·         Meet local e911 call routing mandates.
·         Advanced Call Management.
·         System backup and restore capability.
·         Ability for MDSCAA staff to simply manage our own phone system for Moves, Adds, and Changes for a desk top interface.
We expect other features will be offered in addition to the above requirements. But are asking for all the above requirements. If any of the above requirements cannot be met, we ask for a complete and full disclosure of those that are not met. All aspects of the above requirements must be addressed.
Allfacetsofprojectimplementationshouldbeaddressed. MDSCCAhasITstaffavailable toassist in gathering any required information during the bid phase of this project. However, it is the responsibilityofthebid partytodetermineanyinformationrequirements,andpromptly requestthatpertinentdocumentation,orstatisticaldata,etc.beprovided.
ThepricinginformationprovidedtoMDSCCAmustbe100%comprehensive.Theproposalmust include all fees and prices associated with this bid and the RFP requirements. Topics include, but not limited to: design, deployment, training, and support, as well as any required modifications your bid requires to anything at our location.
Submission of Proposal

Deadline forSubmittal: Submit Proposalto:

February 24th, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. est
Community Action Agency
Attn: Cathy Pearson
507 1st Ave No.
Escanaba, MI  49829
Please include two (2) copies of each proposal packet Please do not include fonts smaller than 1Opt
Mail or in-person delivery only
Fax and email proposals will not be accepted.

Bid Related Questions: All interested parties wanting to submit a response to this RFP should submit their desire to do so along with their contact information to: Cathy Pearson All questions relating to submitting a bid for this RFP must be submitted as an email. Emailed questions must be sent to Cathy Pearson  All responses to all questions will be emailed to all those who have sent in their contact information stating their desire to bid.
Attachments/Addendums: It is highly encouraged to include any additional literature or informationregardinghardware/softwareorsystemdocumentationregardingtheproposed solution.
Noproposalswillbeconsideredwhichhavenotbeenreceivedbythedeadline,February 24th,2017. MDSCCAisnotresponsiblefordelaysintheU.S.PostalServiceoranyothermeansofdelivery employed by the bidder. Results will be awarded any time after the deadline date. ThisrequestforproposaldoesnotcommitMSDCCAtoawardacontract,topayforanycosts incurredinthepreparationofaproposal,ortoprocureorcontract theservicesorsupplies.
Preference will be given to the bidder that provides a comprehensive, cost-effective, single vendorsolutionforcurrentspecifications,futurecapacityrequirements,andon-goingservice andsupport.
MDSCAA is looking for one company to provide all of the services listed above. Following receipt and review of the proposals by MDSCAA, selected firm may be invited to an interview at MDSCAA offices and make on-site presentations of their proposed solution. The decision to interview the respondents will be at MDSCAA 's sole discretion based on evaluation of each respondent's proposal. MDSCAA reserves the right to reject any and all responses, and to waive any irregularities of information in the evaluation process. The final decision is the sole decision of MDSCAA and the respondents to the RFP have no appeal rights or procedures guaranteed to them. The selected firm will be given an opportunity to present their proposal in detail. Those directly responsible for the design of this project will be expected to attend.
Although MDSCAA may conduct interviews to select among the final candidates, it is not MDSCAA's intent to seek extensive clarification of the proposals received. Therefore, it is to the benefit of the respondent to provide an explicit, detailed, and complete discussion of the work in the proposal. MDSCAA reserves the right to reject any bid.