It's a Big Month for CAA!

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May 1, 2017
Vern Wadeen, Gladstone, accepts his home-delivered meal Monday from Community Action Agency meal runner Shelly Peterson. Senior citizen’s nutrition is just one of the many aspects of CAA, which is celebrating Community Action Month. 










MDSCAA Celebrates 52 Years of Service
The Menominee-Delta-Schoolcraft Community Action Agency is celebrating Community Action Month, which recognizes the success of the national Community Action Network that fights poverty and provides important services across the United States.
“Community Action Month in May is a wonderful time to honor and celebrate the impact Community Action has in the lives of families and communities,” said Executive Director Julie Moberg. “Agencies are successful every day in helping families achieve economic security. Given that the needs of each family and community are unique, Community Action is able to use a range of resources and programs to meet local needs in creative and impactful ways.”
The agency is telling its story at county board meetings in the three-county area. Moberg and Senior Services Program Director Sally Kidd met March 23 with the Schoolcraft County Board. Similar meetings are scheduled for May 16 with the Delta County Board and June 27 with the Menominee County Board.
“Our agency has a long record of providing quality, cost-effective programming across our service area. Throughout our history the credit goes to our governing board and staff members who have always appreciated how important their roles are in providing important services to the people we serve,” Moberg said.
The board is made up of 18 residents, plus one alternate, of Menominee, Delta and Schoolcraft counties. “Our bylaws dictate we have at least one-third representatives from the low-income consumers we serve, one-third public officials or their representatives, and one-third from the private sector,” Moberg said.
CAA programs include Early Childhood, Senior Services, Client Services, Weatherization, Senior Companions, Foster Grandparent, Retired and Senior Volunteers, and services to the homeless.
“From young families and their children as they learn to prosper at home and in the classroom, to providing important nutrition and socialization opportunities to senior citizens, our programs run through the entire fabric of our communities,” Moberg said.
Stretching the budget of residents who are having trouble heating their homes is another big aspect of CAA, she said. In addition, “providing volunteer opportunities for senior citizens not only benefits the seniors, but is also an invaluable resource for local schools and community groups,” Moberg said.
The agency is also asking city commissions, city councils and county boards to adopt proclamations naming May Community Action Month.


MDSCAA is a member of the Community Action Network, originally created in 1964 by President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Economic Opportunity Act, a pivotal piece of legislation in the War on Poverty. MDSCAA has been providing services in the tri-county area since 1965.