Passenger responsibilities

Thanks for considering riding with us! We want to do the best job we can, but we need your help. So, we ask that you …
  • · Be ready to board or exit the CAA vehicle at their appointed time or scheduled stop.
  • · Pay the appropriate fare upon boarding, or has made prior suitable arrangements through CAA.
  • · Insure his or her language, presence, and demeanor does not disrupt the safety, peace, and comfort of other riders or CAA employees.
  • · Not vandalize or destroy property.
  • · Not consume food and beverages while on the bus/van.
  • · Not use tobacco products and/or illegal drugs.
  • · Comply with driver’s instructions in a prompt and courteous manner.
  • · Wear a shirt and shoes.
  • · Not have open and/or oozing sores. Wounds must be properly and safely covered.
  • · Not exhibit body odor or lack of physical hygiene that will disturb the reasonable comfort of other passengers or CAA staff. A passenger will be given notice and an opportunity to correct the odor or hygiene problem prior to discontinuing riding privileges. That notice will not be given if, in the judgment of CAA staff, the rider places existing passengers in extreme discomfort or is considered a health risk for others.
  • · Must not verbally or physically endanger, or in any way disturb, other passengers and CAA employees by way of unacceptable language, refusal to take direction from CAA employees, or present a threat of physical force.
  • · Must not commit indecent or immoral acts or be unable to control bodily functions.
  • · Must not be inebriated to the point of inability to board the bus independently.
Passengers who cannot conduct themselves according to the above standards are subject to  proceedings that could lead to them being suspended or terminated from receiving transportation services. CAA shall make every attempt, through management and its employees, to provide  service. Grievance procedure.